How to Drive Sales From Your Instagram Page (4 Must Dos!)

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

Do you have an Instagram page set up for your business but notice that none of your followers are converting to paying clients? Well there may be a few things you need to tweak in your strategy. Below are my top 5 strategies that you can implement right now to drive sales.

Offer Value in your Instagram Bio:

Your bio is your first impression! Elevator Pitches aren't only important for in-person networking but are also imperative in the online world. A good Instagram bio can determine whether a person clicks follow and engages with your content or leaves your page.

Concisely let your customer know what they are getting themselves into by following you and include a Call-To-Action. Whether that be purchasing an item or downloading a freebie, you need to tell your audience to take action to capture email addresses for remarketing purposes.

A great way to reel your followers in closer to purchase is to offer them something free that will encourage them to sign up for your email list. This is also known as a lead magnet. Whether that be a coupon for 20% off your boutique items or a free Instagram story template if you run a digital consulting company, make it enticing so your potential customer has no choice but to sign up.

Here is a great example of a bio from Boss Babe that perfectly describes what they bring to the table and offers their audience a very valuable free training:

Create Relationships:

Selling is similar to dating. You have to take it slow and build trust. You don't just hop into a full fledge relationship after the first date just like people don't usually purchase services or products without knowing anything about them or you.

Build trust by providing free content through daily posts that inspires, educates and/or entertains your potential customer. Respond to their comments and engage with their content. Building a true relationship with potential customers will keep them coming back time and time again.

Work With Influencers:

Influencers contribute to 75% of purchasing decisions. Social media users have a personal connection to the people whom they follow. Some millennials think that their favorite YouTuber "understands them more than their friends". Since their fans trust them, they are likely to purchase the products their favorite influencers promote.

Try scouting out Mirco-Influencers to post about your product or service. Mirco influencers usually have 2,000 to 50,000 followers and a high engagement rate. They are more affordable than influencers with a huge following and have a more targeted audience.

Makeup Shayla is an example of a mega influencer. Since her brand is all about beauty it makes sense that she would partner with Estee Lauder. The influencers you choose to work with need to completely align with your niche/brand or you will be wasting your money.

Don't Hard Sell:

People don't get on Instagram to be sold to. They scroll on their feed to see friends and family or to be entertained, educated or inspired. In fact, when they are blatantly being sold to that can turn them off from your brand. It's important to integrate your service or product seamlessly into your content so your potential customers can develop a liking for what you have to offer and find it necessary to purchase. Before you offer your paid service or product, remember to offer free content to build loyalty amongst your audience and they will buy, trust me!

Be Authentic!:

People are more attracted to you and what you have to offer when you're authentic, relatable and vulnerable. If they can see themselves in you or want to be more like you or your brand, it makes them more likely to purchcase.

Aerie does a great job at this. They choose models who are normal people with a wide range of body types. Women can picture themselves in the clothing and rush to the shopping cart to purchase!

Follow these four tips and let me know how they are working! DM me @perfectlytayloredbranding on Instagram, comment below or Book a free consultation so we can discuss your brand goals and I can help you convert your followers into sales!

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