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Sakile Taylor & Sarah Goodlaxson

Sakile is brand strategist and website designer who's passion is to help small businesses and entrepreneurs  level up their brands (AND BANK ACCOUNTS)

Sarah guides womxn to build their brands and boost their business through meaningful marketing & brand management.


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"Sarah is incredible at what she does and her power is building an authentic relationship with her clients in order to dial in marketing. For her, it's bigger than winning the marketing funnel. It's about helping her clients to really step into owning their story through branding."

Amber Hall, The Chief Hustlher

"Sakile is the brains behind my company. I was able to dump everything that I had in my mind and she was able to put it into action and manifest it. My company wouldn't be what it is if it wasn't for you!"

Angelina Rosario, Female Empowerment Coach

"Before working with Sarah I felt stuck and overwhelmed on how to get my message out. Now that I have a system for creating content, my creativity is flowing! I am grateful for Sarah's knowledge and insight in helping guide my marketing strategies."

Amy Wellein, Natural Recharge

"As a result of Sakile's teachings on how I should engage with my audience, I was able to sell 100 tee-shirts when launching my first merch line! I would not be where I'm at today without her!"

Farah Green, CEO of Thick, Bold, & Healthy 

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